Mix business with pleasure

Wowing a discerning guest is never easy. Gala dinners, award ceremonies, charity events, corporate annual dinner and fund raisers are held to celebrate, reward or engage an audience with a brand or service. 

Somehow gala dinners have become standard and the delivery has become more about what is affordable rather than what is doable.

At TPM we want to show you what is doable and we are skilled at finding interesting corporate event ideas with a focus on ways of delivering a gala that is memorable.

Whether the size of your gala is an intimate of 50 to a large scale affair of thousands, we'll raise the gala tradition into the 21st century with the right digital embellishments.


Delivering Celebrations and Gala Dinners To REmember

Gala dinners and celebrations come in all shapes and sizes

A celebration doesn’t have to be a sit down for a thousand. It might be:

  • an awards night
  • a retreat
  • a golf day
  • an incentive experience
  • a festival or forum
  • a launch

...or any event that brings people together to celebrate.

After all, at the core of human existence is the feeling that we all want to belong – and TPM will help you get there.

Graduations and ceremonies are milestones etched in our memory forever that will never be forgotten

Graduation planning and educational celebrations are kind of a big deal. The reward for years of commitment is not just for the recipient, families and friends all revel in the joy of a  graduation ceremony.

We'll engaging your graduation partners and VIPs to ensure that everyone feels like they are part of the events success, turning a boring graduation into an experience to remember.


Graduations AND CeremonIes

An experience to remember

Ceremonies into the thousands have become a specialised service at TPM. A traditional graduation is distinguished. From the initial planning, coordination and preparation to the last-minute details, TPM honour the customs while providing insight on how to complement a graduation with digital acumen. Our approach to contingency planning allows us to swiftly modify strategies and streamline changes, even up to the final moments.